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Last Train Home

The footsteps of the soul.
Heartsounds, heartstrings--
Driving, ambitious, peaceful.
The internal clock of eternity
Strikes four times,
Again and again.

The background that makes the whole.
Voice lifts, heart sings--
Glorious, proud, deceitful.
The bass in the band, unknown entity,
Unnamed rhymes,
Heartbeat of men.

Young mother rocking her child.
Hip sway, back bend--
Flying, joyous, lilting.
Breathing of a restful night,
Click of shoes,
Melody's better part.

A crowd's chant getting riled.
Cerebral food, soul's mend--
Fast, furious, building.
A periodic table, an owls' flight,
Two by twos,
Music's heart.

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Copyright 1996 Vriana Kempster. All Rights Reserved.